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CrossFit 4982 is a community of PERSISTENT, PURPOSEFUL, SUPPORTIVE people dedicated to a healthy, active lifestyle that will carry us into our golden years.

CrossFit 4982, located west of Highway 287 between Esh’s Grocery Store and Wal-Mart Supercenter, is a group of educated fitness professionals bringing CrossFit training and functional fitness to the Loveland, Berthoud and the greater Fort Collins area. We are motivated to help you achieve your fitness, athletic, and fat loss goals. 

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What does CrossFit 4982 offer?

Our Facility

6886 N Franklin Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
✆ 970-215-1526



We cap classes at 10 to ensure all athletes get the personalized attention they deserve.


Off Highway 287, between Wal-Mart Supercenter and Esh’s Grocery Store, with easy access to Loveland, Fort Collins & Berthoud.


“Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.” We begin our one-hour classes with a thorough warm up, moving into some strength work.  Afterwards, we typically make that strength movement part of our WOD (workout of the day) at a significantly lower weight to continue perfecting the movement while adding other forms of cardio to include anything from running and biking to burpees and sit-ups.


In this class, we follow the CrossFit 4982 workout of the day taking away most of the barbell work and adding a little more cardio and body-weight strengthening exercises.


This is a time to make up a workout you missed or work on your strength and skills under the watchful eye of your coach. It is athlete’s choice!


This class is provided to teach anyone new to CrossFit 4982 the basic movements and terminology to feel comfortable in our regular classes.


This is for student athletes who want to take the play in their chosen sport to the next level.

Watch these CrossFit 4982 athletes in action

CrossFit 4982 in north Loveland, CO is not a quick-fix facility, but a gym where the dedication to health and longevity becomes a lifestyle. We are passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Break Barriers

Gain Confidence • Strength • Stamina • Overall Fitness • Have Fun Doing It!

Are you tired of your same old boring exercise routine? Come experience the CrossFit 4982 difference! Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete, all workouts are tailored to your personal fitness level in a highly supportive community of athletes.


World-Class Trainers

CrossFit 4982 is the only female-owned CrossFit gym in Northern Colorado. We have specially educated and dedicated coaches ready to help the youth athlete get better at his/her sport, the new mom eager to earn her body back, the former athlete ready to get back in fighting shape or the advanced CrossFitter preparing for competition. We are waiting for you!