Coach's Words


What words describe CrossFit 4982?

When listening to a podcast lately about CF New England, Ben Bergeron, the owner, discussed the “words” that define his gym, “hungry, humble, and happy.” That got me thinking about the words to describe CrossFit 4982. Of course, I love all of CFNE’s words, but 4982 athletes are special, we need our own. One that keeps popping into my mind is consistency. Yes, consistency will get you fitter, faster, and stronger; something we all are striving to achieve. However, I take consistency one-step further. Consistency builds our community. When we see each other frequently, we find out what is going on in each other’s lives. We are able to celebrate each other’s highs and console our fellow athletes when they are low. As a coach and owner, I want to know what is going on with my athletes outside the gym. I want to share in their athletic triumphs as well as hear about the great vacation they had with their family. Consistency allows that to happen.

So, there’s my word. What’s your word to describe our burgeoning community?