Jessica Holmes

I was never the athletic kid growing up. I was awkward and felt it hard to control my body. I would get hurt more easily than my friends would with frequent sprains and strains. It wasn’t until high school that I started caring about my athleticism, but it did not come easily, and there were prices to pay. The pain would overwhelm me, and I would eventually stop exercising finding it too hard on my body. However, what I did not realize was that no movement exacerbated my health condition. The less I moved, the more I hurt. Thus began my years of pain and searching for answers.

I always felt like something was wrong with me, but after numerous doctors and specialists, I never had any answers. When I was 27, a doctor gave me a diagnosis I was not expecting…Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

After having two children, I finally decided I had to be healthy for my family as well as for myself. I began going to a local gym doing the usual classes and running on the treadmill. While my body felt better because of the movement, I was not seeing any outward results. That is when I found a functional fitness class based on CrossFit principles and Stephanie. I absolutely fell in love with it! I never got bored, and I finally started seeing results. Even on the days when the pain and fatigue seemed unbearable, I would go to class. Stephanie would be sure I did not push too hard and would work with whatever level I was at that day. It has been three year, and now at CrossFit 4982 I still cannot get enough! Once I accomplish a goal, there is another one to accomplish.

Over the years, I have never given up on CrossFit, partially because of Stephanie. She is truly amazing at what she does, and I am so lucky to have found her. If she hasn’t seen me for a few days, she always calls to check up on me. If I have a day that a part of my body is in pain, we work around it and substitute other exercises.

I encourage you to drag your butt to the gym even when you do not “feel” like it! I hope to inspire people who think that it is too hard or are scared to try something new to give it a shot. It has changed my life for the better, and I am so grateful I found it.