Charlotte Parnell

My name is Charlotte, I am 50 years old, and I have been a member of CrossFit since August of 2015 when I began this journey back in Missouri at ~40 lbs heavier. At that time, I was morbidly obese, tired of being overweight, feeling fatigued every day, and dealing with other health issues that were affecting me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can remember the first time I walked across the threshold of that gym and having a sense of apprehension and intimidation. I was not an athlete and by no means fit! Never in my life had I lifted weights before, and I was definitely not the sports/fitness type! Two statements from my coach that stood out to me through my journey that have kept me moving toward my fitness goals have been these: “Everyone has their own starting point for fitness” and “At least you are off the couch!”. Besides these two statements from my CrossFit coach, and the supportive family atmosphere that I felt from day one, my desire to be healthy and to enjoy my life and my future grandchildren was paramount.
Today, as I look back from where I started and to where I am now, I think back to having to use a very large rubber band to even pull myself up to do a sit up, to using a ¾ “ pvc pipe for weight lifting moves instead of even the lowest weighted bar that weighed 15 pounds (it was WAY too heavy!). Most of my time was spent doing exercises and weightlifting moves that were modified to fit my level of physical fitness compared to others. Still, my CrossFit coaches and family supported me with words of encouragement, and I carried on with knowing that “everyone has their own starting point” and “at least I am off the couch!”.
CrossFit is not about joining a gym because you are already fit so that you feel the need to “fit in”. CrossFit is about feeling healthier and setting personal, attainable goals for yourself. Who cares what other gym members think! This is YOUR journey -- not theirs! If you are a physically fit person just looking to increase your level of endurance and weightlifting goals or someone like myself who has never experienced this level of physical activity, I encourage you to take this opportunity to have your own personal trainer to coach and encourage you!
Today, I am a family member of CrossFit 4982 here in Loveland, Colorado. My journey continues, and I absolutely love this gym! The same camaraderie that I felt back at my old gym in Missouri exists among my new CrossFit 4982 family. As I am coached by my fitness experts Coach Stephanie and Coach Garrett, and I work beside other gym members such as Justin and Lyndsey (who are beasts when it comes to weightlifting and fitness), hey all accept me for who I am and encourage me to continue on this journey that began two years ago. I have come a long way since 2015 in strength and conditioning. Am I much stronger? Yes! I have graduated from the pvc pipe to a 35 pound bar with added weights! Do I still have to have some of the conditioning/workouts modified for my physical level? Yes!
Do I care? NO!! Everyone has a starting point and at least I am off the couch!

What about you? Where are you on your fitness journey? Are you still on the couch? Wherever you are on your goal to feeling happier and healthier -- your CrossFit 4982 family is waiting on you to come and join us!