Stephanie Munds

Owner/Head Coach

Stephanie Munds has a background in triathlon and has been part of the functional fitness movement since discovering CrossFit in 2011. Since then, she has been an influential member of the the Northern Colorado CrossFit scene, helping people of all backgrounds improve their health and fitness through her expertise in personal training and as a CrossFit trainer.

• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer
• CrossFit Endurance Trainer
• CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
• CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
• ASFA Sports Nutritionist/Youth Fitness Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified
• 2017 CrossFit Games 45-49 Masters Qualifier
• 2017-2018 Granite Games Masters Team Qualifier


Justin Greco

Justin Greco has a background in sports, playing soccer and basketball through high school. A native Coloradoan, Justin attended Colorado State University, where he met his lovely wife, Libby, while earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. In 2016 he began his CrossFit journey, with Stephanie Munds being his first CrossFit trainer.

Justin’s attraction to the CrossFit methodology is that it is not only fun, but functional and extremely effective. He is a stickler for technique and enjoys the more complicated movements of the Olympic lifts as well as the advanced gymnastics movements including the Ring Muscle Ups. His focus as a trainer is to help others perform movements safely within the gym but also get the workout they seek to meet and, hopefully, exceed their fitness journey.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified


Chrissy Frier

Christian Frier began CrossFit in early 2016 after years of being inactive with the occasional run because “it’s what fit people do”. Although she still believes that people need to run, she has come to know movement has to vary beyond that. CrossFit has become her fountain of youth, feeling younger and fitter along the way.

Now, as a trainer, she feels that her successes occur while watching other athletes succeed. Whether the goal is to attain more strength, improve conditioning, effortlessly pick up your grandchildren or just feel better naked, she wants to support you in getting there.

• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• NASM Certified Personal Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified



Michelle Garver


Michelle Garver was introduced to CrossFit in December 2016. She quickly fell in love with the sport, challenging herself with the intensity and variety that CrossFit brings especially in the Olympic lifts. One of the things that drew Michelle to CrossFit was how every person is encouraged to achieve their own personal goals. In CrossFit, it not about the best times or highest rankings, it is about self-improvement.  Michelle believes that fitness is not one size fits all, and she enjoys finding the adaptation that is appropriate for each athlete she works with. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and Michelle loves how CrossFit can be tailored to each person’s individual fitness level. 

Originally from Ohio, Michelle moved to Colorado to explore its never-ending wealth of outside activities.  On the weekends, it is customary to find Michelle testing her fitness outside of the gym. She can regularly be found trial running, hiking 14ers, and paddle boarding.

• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified

Meagan Withrow.JPG

Meagan Withrow


Meagan Withrow began her health and fitness journey with Pilates and HIIT in 2011.  This sparked an interest in health and wellness that led her to study natural medicine, earning an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Holistic Health with a Certification in Aromatherapy. 

 In early 2017, Meagan was introduced to CrossFit, and a new love developed. She discovered the personal satisfaction that comes from setting PR's or overcoming new challenges with the constantly varied movements for which CrossFit is known.  Meagan is eager to help others in achieving their fitness and nutrition goals through her superior attention to detail.

• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified