Front Squat
EMOM x 6 – Sets of 2:
Sets 1 & 2 – 75%
Sets 3 & 4 – 80%
Sets 5& 6 – 85%

Body Armor 5 “Giant Sets”: 5 Strict Pull-Ups 3 Wall Walks (Video) 10 Strict Ring Dips Gymnastic-based Body Armor to close out the day. As a refresher, a “giant set” is a set not for done time, but done with purpose. We are transitioning immediately from movement to movement, as if it’s one giant set. The ring dips do not need to be unbroken, but we want to choose a difficulty that allows for the first set to be unbroken (band as required).

Extra Work
Odd Object Conditioning
3 Rounds:
100 Meter Heavy Prowler Push
1:00 Kettlebell Hold (2 x 70/2 x 53)

*Programming modified from Ben Bergeron’s CompTrain